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Virtual Client - Review for Closet Project!

Project: 2 closets Date: Oct-Nov 2020

How would you describe the process and results? Sara made it so easy and anticipated every question that would come up. I was a tiny bit worried about doing everything virtually, but it was honestly seamless. She kept the process moving and was flexible and adjusted when we discovered something didn’t work. The results are incredible. It was a great opportunity for just have someone else with me, while I RECOGNIZED, myself, no I don’t need this, or it doesn’t need to go here because I don’t use it often. She really was a guide and didn’t do it for me (she couldn’t - all virtual), but it was empowering for me to know that I just needed her advice and support. What I gained: I get a feeling of joy EVERY TIME I open my closets (especially one of them). I also gained some motivation and more momentum to continue getting my spaces more in order. Again, also a feeling of empowerment to organize, with some advise and support from Sara. What surprised me was how seamless and easy a completely virtual experience was. I was also surprised at how just going through the process made me think (as mentioned previously), wow I definitely don’t need this, or don’t need this here. Best experience everrrrrr.

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