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Steps to take when getting rid of TOYS (+ products to help make a playroom practical)

Questions to ask when getting rid of toys:

1. Does it bring joy?

2. Is it outdated?

3. Are there game pieces or cards missing?

4. Are they past that stage?

5. Is it still helping them grow?

6. Would they miss it?

I highly recommend...Decluttering as a team!

1st - include everyone (ex: one kid can uncap markers, see if they still work, & toss or keep!)

2nd - ask which areas bother your spouse or kid (i.e. are you wasting time looking for items?)

3rd - take before you can see results!

4th - set timers, play music, make it fun

5th - take an after photo and then go to the park or for ice cream!

These products are great for helping parents get organized:

Rolling Craft Cart:

Great for a kid who loves art:

For batteries:

Hanging outfits for the week

Laundry sorter-

organize you car/backseat:

or this one:

I am an amazon affiliate and earn a small commission on qualifying purchases

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