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Steps to take when editing your KITCHEN (including my top 25 products to help get you started!)

Here are your steps for edit your kitchen space: 1.Pick just one section at a time (more than that will overwhelm!) 2. Take it ALL out 3. Wipe it down 4. Measure and order product or bins you want! 5. Decide to donate, toss, keep! ask yourself: -do I love it -use it? -is it missing a lid? Easy stuff to part with:

-chipped or cracked glasses, dishes or bowls.

-dish towels and oven mitts that are ratty

-expired food and spices

-Donate duplicate wooden spoons etc, gadgets and appliances you NEVER use

-Consolidate cleaning supplies.

AFTER YOU ARE DONE EDITING: Decant and label (the best part)

my favorite labels:

TIPS: -Things should be accessible, visible (clear or at eye level)

-Keep countertops are clear and clutter free as possible

- If you are a coffee mug collector, keep your favorites to put on display and donate the rest. **I love to put candy or stickers in these and re gift them.

Here are some of my favorite products for your kitchen: command hooks for oven mitts -

Smaller affix bin- your new bff for inside your cabinets- some space savers: &/or: Clear/Acrylic option for decanting (cheaper than OXO brand): If you like a natural or wood look (vs acrylic/plastic or matte black) -tall (1. 2 gal): a larger 100 oz one: the 60 oz: or get the 5 pack:

I recommend the 10x4x3 and the 10x6x3 bins

one of these for your gravy or spice packets:

if you like bamboo: For your tea! the best baskets! a diff lazy suze with dividers - I use these for my kids'pouches! tupperware lid storage bin for your eggs pot and pan storage option:

spice organizer - I own and love:

1 lazy suze like this for oils, sprays, or really anything:

command hooks - perfect for your mop or broom inside the closets

bamboo extended dividers for drawers (longer ones are the first link, shorter ones underneath) - pick what makes sense per your dimensions Bread box OR this bread box depending on your style preferences For water bottles: The Ananda Edit is an Amazon Affiliate - Earning on Qualifying Purchases

Message me with questions anytime!

Sara Bennett The Ananda Edit

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