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Paper Piling up Everywhere! I have a step by step solution!

Here are several important tips for sorting your papers:

1. I think you always need an action pile (rsvp, pay a bill etc.) I use a tray for these items.

2. You need a Recycle pile ex: take out menus and manuals can be googled!

3. You need a Shred pile - esp stuff with your personal info!

Then - decide what and how to File!! 1st category: Sentimental (cards etc.)

Want to know how long to hang on to papers?

Receipts- toss if its online already like your email orders for ex (paper ones you can toss after 90 days unless it is a proof of purchase for an appliance or something major)

Keep for 1 year - paystubs, bills, credit card statements, utility bills, and bank statements

Keep for 3 years - medical bills,receipts and related insurance paperwork

Keep for 6-10years - TAXES

Keep Indefinitely (or until you sell your car): Home,Vehicle Title and Maintenance Records, Retirement, Investments, Titles, Mortgages, Wills, Loan Documents, Contracts & Insurance Policies.

**Also keep personal info like social security cards & marriage/birth/death certificates (I have mine in a fireproof safe)

What about warranties? Just keep until they expire!

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