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Office Organizing 101

Here are 8 Steps to simplify your office space with a few suggested products we use to make our own lives easier (links are below that correspond with these tips):

  1. First - Purge! Time to toss old and unwanted papers & recycle! I recommend buying a small shredder that can sit next your workspace.

Also - throw away those old/unused cords/gadgets, broken or excess pencils and pens! (You probably don’t need the phone charger for your Iphone4!)

Next- File your current year docs into your Filing cabinet :

2. AND- you need a desktop system like:

I prefer these for your paperwork/drop zone:


3. For your smaller item organization: 2 of these jars -From target: and one of these for post its:

4. Finishing up with paper: a couple of trays to mark your to do’s and your to files can be especially helpful. Note: I have one water & fire proof box for hard copies, and docs that are particularly special:

5, . Don’t forget...a magazine holder or 2! I use these keep folders or specific items I need on a daily basis

6. NOW: Restock! Once you can really see what supplies you have and need...ask yourself, “is it time to get more stamps? Printer ink? Envelopes? Stationary etc.”

7. THEN- Label your items so you know where things are.

8. Lastly -Polish! Bring in a plant from a local store to promote growth, a candle to promote your inner fire/desire to succeed, and some natural light! If possible, work by a window! I also use essential oils and stones that promote energy and good vibes in my work space! (Check out The Wild Sage Collective)

Reminder that as an Amazon Associate I do earn a small commission from qualifying purchases so please click directly on these links to buy, or copy and paste :)

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