• Sara Bennett

Make your Holidays Happier with these 5 steps (& products)

1. Make a list of all those you need to buy for! I use a shared Google Doc with my husband. This helps with budgeting for gifts too.

2. Keep all of your wrapping in one place! I recommend separating Hanukkah or Christmas wrapping paper from your Birthday assortment!

Vertical storage (for wrapping!) this is a 2 pack

3. Use the "Santa Bag" Method! I give a large red bag to my kids to fill up with toys they no longer play with. Then - we leave it out for Santa to swap out for new toys!

4. As you decorate for the holiday season this year, edit each box you open! I went through my ornaments last year as I was "trimming" our tree!

Ornament storage (this will prevent them from breaking!)

Wreath storage

Christmas Tree Storage

5. Wrap up your lights and cords with this Velcro Wrap:

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