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Kitchen Makeover - Ananda Edition

Do you feel like your cabinets need a refresh? Not sure even where to start? These are especially tailored for those with smaller drawers & more narrow or shallow spaces that you may want to make a bit more functional!

pot and pan storage option: tupperware storage - get the small or medium one depending on your cabinet size: spice organizer - I own and love: the best for snacks - lazy susans for LIFE: smaller step stool: 1 lazy suze like this for oils, sprays, or really anything: bins - a 6 pack of these for your cabinets, or pull out drawers: 10x6x5 bins - I love these for all sorts of reasons:

Reach out to me if you have any questions- or need anything at all via IG


The Ananda Edit is an Amazon Affiliate #ad

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