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Client Review - Small Business Office Makeover!

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL & FEEDBACK Project: __Office____Date: ____2.27.21___________ How would you describe the process and results?

"I absolutely loved working with Sara on this project. It was a lot of prep work on the front end, but seeing it all come together made those long days worth every bit of it! She made sure I had exactly what I needed prior to her coming so that we were able to use the allotted time most efficiently. It’s absolutely paid off!" Letting someone into your “mess” is scary. It’s intimidating and you feel incredibly vulnerable. Letting Sara into your mess, however, feels like the exact kind of help you never knew you needed. She makes you laugh and feel empowered every step of the way, to where you look at the end result and see the incredible team effort that just transpired! What did you gain from this service/What did you receive by hiring me?

I received a space that I can finally exhale in. A space that I truly can not wait to work in! What surprised you about this process or the results? How easy it was to get rid of the clutter. The freeing feeling is like a rush and it spills out into every area! Any other feedback or questions you have?

Bite the bullet and hire Sara! It feels hard to let someone see the mess, but Sara will help you feel equipped every step of the way! The expectations are set from the start and once you’re done, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t hire her sooner!!

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