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Client Review - September

I can't thank Sara enough for helping us clear out and organize my parents' sunroom and bathroom area.  They are both in their 80's and are increasingly unable to manage the clutter in their house.  My sister and I work full time and are completely overwhelmed by the task of decluttering the house.  Then, we found Sara.  Sara met us at the house and toured the rooms we wanted help organizing.  She took meticulous notes and planned the entire declutter day.  She made a list of items I needed to purchase in preparation for the declutter, and when I couldn't find the materials, she went and purchased them for me!  On the day of the declutter, she assigned my sister, parents, and I  jobs and we went to work!  Sara's positive attitude throughout the day kept us moving and focused.  With her guidance, we were able to finish the job and the results were phenomenal! I could see the relief on my parents' faces when we were finished!  The rooms were totally transformed.  Sara's car was full of items to donate, another thing I love about her service, and my parents were left with two rooms in order.  What a relief!!    If you are looking for help with organizing and decluttering your elderly parents' homes, SARA'S SERVICE IS A LIFESAVER!  She was so good with my parents, too.  She always validated their feelings (older people have trouble letting go of things) when they expressed difficulty deciding to let an object go or keep it.  Her energetic and compassionate approach with my parents was exactly what made it a positive experience for them.   Living among clutter is emotionally draining for all of us, especially older people.  Sara provides a service that alleviates the clutter and restores peace of mind.  She is detail-oriented, task-focused, and full of positive energy.  She not only removes the clutter, but she also removes the feeling of being overwhelmed by a job that seems too big to tackle.  I highly, highly, highly recommend her service.  We are already looking at the calendar to schedule the next set of rooms for Sara to take on, and I am so excited for my parents!! Thank you, Sara!

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