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Client Review - October

This process is one of letting go and starting anew to create a space that flows, allows for creativity, and allows a space to work and enjoy your passions. For me those passions include teaching, writing, research, and reflecting. I did not know what to expect but hoped my space would become inviting for me. It was work both mentally and physically. Sara guided me in letting some things go to create space for a new way of organizing this space. Seeing the letting go of things no longer useful was freeing and seeing new ways to organize was exciting. It was work but worth every minute and having someone guide me was worth the cost. I was exhausted when Sara left but it was a good exhaustion. For me it took the "where to start" out of the process as I was guided all the way. Also, she recommended ways to organize the space with a list of products to do so….for organizing purposes only and for fun to make the room inviting. I plan to hire her again. What did you gain from this service? A wonderful office space to work in. I could not wait to get up this morning and begin work. It feels like a real office space that created motivation to get busy. An ease of finding things. Organization of my specific interests in a way that it motivated me to work in each area. Also, a beautiful peaceful space I was excited to come to instead of dreading because of the mess. I thought I was fairly organized but found out I was not! What surprised you about this process or the results? A space I imagined but did not think I would accomplish on my own. It is so inviting and cozy. The accents only added to the organization to create the Ananda Edit.

Any other feedback or questions you  have? Thank you so much for the experience and the outcome. I will invite you back. --

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