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Client Review- NY apartment (virtual!)

Project: ___Closet/Kitchen/Bathroom Organization Date: ___6/17 & 6/21_____________ How would you describe the process and results? The process was easy, fun, and educational! The results were something I could have never imagined. We are in love with our space! Include: why someone should hire me specifically (if you feel inclined or comfortable to do so)
Professional, knowledgeable, and felt like I was talking with a friend the entire time <3
What did you gain from this service/What did you receive by hiring me?
Lifelong organizational skills and a beautiful, comfortable, functional home.
What surprised you about this process or the results? Virtual was a lot better than I expected! It was also a lot more fun than I expected it to be too! Any other feedback or questions you have? You are amazing!! You're the best!

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