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Client Review - November

This review is from the Basement Project I worked on this month!

Describe the process of getting organized with The Ananda Edit:

This process is priceless. My basement is not a place to avoid anymore. It is more welcoming and you transformed a disaster into a more peaceful and relaxing space. Every time I see the "finished" part it just feels so good!

Why should someone hire the Ananda Edit for professional organizing services?

You offered solutions to make it more inviting. You gave me organizational ideas I wouldn't dream of! In minutes, you come in with your magic wand and make a space work.

You are non-judgmental: this couldn't have been better. I am excited for our next project: the attic!

What was unexpected about the process?

It was more of a fun process than I anticipated, and I found items I didn't remember I had!

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