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Client Review- Closet Update!!

This Closet Project was fun and rewarding! Read on to hear from my client!

Project Date: 11/14/20

Describe the process of working together:

While working together on this project, I experienced feeling slightly overwhelmed and some anxiousness initially but once we really started to make progress and get things done , I felt relief. It's important for me to remember the process itself can look messy but the end result is so satisfying and worth it. I was surprised at how much stuff had accumulated and then just stayed in my closet over the years. It was fun to go through the memories and felt even better to purge all the things I do not need any longer.

Why should someone should hear me specifically?

because you're obviously skilled at what you do- the end results speak for themselves- but you are also not pushy or bossy and incredibly understanding throughout the process which makes everything go much more smoothly.

What did you receive from working together?

My closet has never looked better or been this functional. I know where everything is which feels great when I go to grab something. The labeled bins are also just so aesthetically pleasing- now I can open my closet and feel good about what I see.

What surprised you about this process

? I was surprised by how much stuff I had. The process really helps lay that out for you. Could not believe the number of bags of trash and donations! I was also surprised how quickly we were able to complete the project. You're really efficient."

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