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Client Review - Bexley

K.Wilson Garage & Bedroom 2020-2021 I had a fantastic experience working with Sara and The Ananda Edit. This type of project can be challenging, exhausting, overwhelming and emotionally draining however with Sara's expertise and streamlined process it is completely manageable and most importantly JOYful. Working alongside Sara is like having your best friend there every step of the way. She is a source of support, laughter, strength and honesty. She gets the job done. We worked for a total of 18 hours on the garage project. It involved going through 17 years worth of life and family and all the stuff that is accumulated along the way. We mapped it out together. Sara provided a detailed shopping list. And we never worked for longer than 4 hours at a time. Sara keeps you on track without feeling undone or overworked. It is an emotional roller coaster to sift through years of memories and belongings. Sara is there every step of the way. From the garage we moved onto my son's bedroom. The process was much the same even though simplified. Another successful edit! We accomplished so much in one short visit. I would recommend Sara to all of my friends and family. She has a way about her that is perfect for this type of work. She is thorough, honest and hard working. Sara knows when it is time for a detailed look and when it is time to say goodbye to certain items. Sara has a process for donation and repurposing. Nothing goes to waste. She listens. She cares. She is present. I gained a wealth of knowledge. Yes, about my stuff and what it takes to get a particular job completed in a meaningful and complete way. However, more importantly how it feels to know what you have, edit what you have, use what you have, and preserve what you have in a way that is either practical or personal. Sara takes your living and storage spaces to a new level and reveals all sorts of "spaces" that were not being utilized. Spaces in your home AND spaces that bring peace of mind. I think what surprised me the most was two-fold. This work is hard, and I don't like to do it alone. And this work is emotional. I recognize that I don't like to tackle these jobs alone - and now I don't have to! Also the jobs are much more emotional than I realized. It became clear to me why I was putting off this type of edit for so long. However once I experienced it and could feel the benefits, I realized how significant it is to me and to my family. All the more reason to schedule my next job - Sara and I have several dates on the calendar to tackle the basement next! I can't wait.

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