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Client Review - Bedroom Overhaul! (April 2021)

" I'm surprised by how much I was able to get rid of after all of these years, and how painless the process was working with Sara, and I'm surprised by how much confidence I gained from working with her."


Project: __Bedroom____________ Date: __04/27/2021___

Freely - just talk about what you experienced working together. How would you describe the process and results? Working with Sara was among the most painless experiences I have had working on my room. That says a lot because organizing my room has long been a taxing and time-consuming process. Making decisions about which items to donate, throw away, or keep has always been very overwhelming for me. Making sure everything has a place is also very overwhelming. I tend to manage these challenges with avoidance. Sara helped me overcome this avoidance by holding me accountable, encouraging me, and providing me with options and ideas that helped shorten the decision-making process. She also helped me focus on one area at a time and broke things down into categories which was exactly what I needed to get through this process. In the end, I threw away a lot, donated a lot, and was more prepared to move to my new apartment with less things. You should hire Sara if you need helping making organizing more manageable, less scary, and even fun!

What did you gain from this service/What did you receive by hiring me? I received guidance, support, encouragement, empowerment, and confidence when I worked with Sara. Most of all, I gained accountability. Sara could always tell when I was dragging my feet and when I didn't want to organize and I wanted to push things off. She got me to stick with it without being forceful or making me feel guilty. And at the end of sessions, I always felt so accomplished and surprised by how much I was able to do. Organizing my space and getting rid of things was the goal, but I received the additional gifts of empowerment and confidence to be able to do these things more independently. Any other feedback or questions you have? Yes. You're the best and I'm so grateful for all of your help. :-)


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