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Client Review - Bakes By Lo

Bakery Space


"I loved the process of getting all the tools needed beforehand, and then going to town the morning of, plus your arsenal of extra organizing tools if needed. It worked great that we could give you input of what we use most, and where it could be best accessible, and then you did your magic!

The entire process from the consult to the end result was flawless. We appreciated the extra details you put into your work, love the meaning behind what you do (it's not just cleaning up a space, but the emotions that a clean space can bring), plus we loved the note and the selenite! Such a sweet extra touch that really shows you care.

We gained some calm in the chaos of our bakery. Everything has a space, nothing is thrown around and that makes for happy people and a happy environment.

No negative feedback. It was such a fun experience and I want to buy Perch containers and throw them everywhere in my life!"

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