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Books driving you bonkers? Try these tips!

Are you bibliophile (a lover or collector of books)? I am an avid reader. I am also sentimental - BUT I do NOT have a thousand hard copies of books in my home. Here’s what you can do if you want to reduce your book collection:

1st - sort them!

Then- ask yourself:

  • Will you read it again (if you did, could you get in on kindle or at the library?)

  • Do you LOVE it? Sometimes books make us feel sentimental and that’s worthwhile!

  • Is it a duplicate? Is it out of date?

  • Could I sell, gift, or donate it?

  • Could I take a picture of it if it’s just for memorabilia and store it elsewhere?

Lastly- thank you book for the knowledge - and say goodbye!

  • Where you can donate: to schools, daycare, prisons, veterans non profits, and more!

  • Where you can sell (ebay, half price books, other selling websites)

  • Gift them! It means so much to receive an inscribed copy of a book someone else loved!


  • If all else fails - Recycle them!

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