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Cultivating joy

&  peace in

your living space

Professional Organizing

with a zen twist.

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Hi! Welcome to the Ananda Edit! I'm Sara, I am a professional organizer, a wife & a mom of two little boys in Columbus, Ohio. I am also a high school teacher, and a person who loves to help others.  I want to work alongside you to create a residential space that is more usable and can save you money and time.


What to know about me:

I am a paper copy type girl. I recycle and am green when I can be - but I like to hand write, provide hard copy resources, and hold items in my hands. I offer in person and virtual appointments and I do give a little bit of homework (I am a teacher after all). I also provide shredding and donating services. Contact me for more information!



Ananda is a sanskrit word for joy and bliss. This is what I hope you bring into your home through this process. Professional organizing - but with a zen twist!


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 I think an organized drawer or closet makes for more blissful room and overall...a calmer life! I naturally sort and discard items that don’t bring me joy or have use. I want to help bring some balance to your home, and this process gives me so much energy!

I know how overwhelming a room can feel - so let's edit together for a more zen and usable space.

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You will receive a judgment free appointment paired with supportive coaching. I can’t wait to help you make your home more tranquil and efficient!

Don’t fret: I will never force you to get rid of anything you want to keep! This is such a personal process and respect and compassion are musts!

Want more information? Contact me!


I will donate one carload of your items unless you have a different desire.

Where I donate: to The Salvation Army Human Trafficking division, to Veterans, to the homeless through the Make a Day foundation, & to Dress for Success.

I will also set up dumpster delivery and pick up for you (if we need it!)

Interested in pricing? Reach out to me for details!

Zen Stones


What My Clients Think

"Sara's energy was so inspiring that between our first and second appointment I was on a total organization kick!"

Client A

"Sara is one person, but you would have thought an army came in and refreshed my attic. In a matter of hours (...which would have taken me months alone) she literally added usable square footage to my home for my family to enjoy."


"Sara was very respectful of our time, and what I initially thought would be a chore evolved into feeling more like a session of self care."

Client T

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